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About Lisa

I've been working in marketing since 2005, after graduating from the University of Stirling with a BA Hons in Marketing.


My experience spans a diverse range of industries including corporate events, professional services, online retailing, travel and energy. This has been for B2B and B2C organisations locally in the UK and internationally across Europe and the USA; occasionally in the Middle East and Singapore too.

My involvement in small businesses started when I was about 12 years old - helping in the family business, honing my office admin and manual labour skills! Even then it was clear to me that the success of small, entrepreneurial companies was mostly due to the sheer graft and determination of the owners/founders of the business, and the loyal core staff that support them.

My career has taken me through some steep marketing learning curves - like presenting the 'marketing case' to a board of directors, just 3 months into my first marketing role! Then taking on the daunting task of 'marketing the marketing agency' whilst surrounded by highly specialised strategists, digital gurus and clever wordsmiths. At each stage of the journey I have learnt, and continue to learn, more about marketing,  and about myself. 

In early 2015 I started ElleG Marketing with the aim of providing a tailored and bespoke marketing service to small businesses; assisting with any aspect of marketing and business development.

Why leisure, tourism and events?

The first event I ever worked at was an incredible wedding in the Scottish Highlands. There was a giant marquee with a clear span roof, the best caterers in the country, a host of top entertainment acts, exquisite decor and incredibly detailed planning. I was in awe. Not only at the event itself, but in the huge amount of work that went into making sure everything went off without a hitch. It was thrilling and fascinating at the same time!

That set me on a path were I'd spend most of my career working for organisations in the events and tourism world. I've seen it from all sides - event hire, event management, corporate incentive and events, exhibition design and wedding planning. 

This experience, combined with my love of the outdoors and mountain biking, means it's been a natural progression for me to continue into the leisure industry. Having the opportunity to work with organisations that operate in this space is exciting.

One of my longest standing clients operates a global manufacturing and online retail business selling camping and outdoor equipment.


Most recently I've been heavily involved in the planning, creation and opening of Ireland's first indoor e-bike motocross park, where the skills and experience I gained from working in corporate events and tourism have had a significant positive impact. 

My ideal clients would sit within the leisure, tourism and events space, as I believe I can offer a unique perspective and understanding of the challenges faced by these types of small businesses.  

If you've got a marketing or business development niggle that you'd like to chat about, drop me a note on lisa@ellegmarketing.com